The on-line training provided in the framework of our Elearning Space is either included in our list , or ordered.

As far as ordered on-line training is concerned, the content of the training is personalized and strictly adapted to the level, aims and expectations of the trainees in order to match with their working environmennt. Any such order gives rise to an estimate of costs.

The on-line training in our Elearning Space is provided in a personal elearning space made available to trainees for the duration of the training. In this space, the trainee can follow the training, has a personal internal email and communication tools (forum, chat, commun space for document sharing).

Pre-registration for on-line training is made on line and leads to the granting of a login and password enabling the trainee to acceed to his/her personal space. Pre-registration supposes that the present sales conditions are accepted without any reservation.

Attending the training sessions is possible only after payment has been made. This payment shall occur latest within the time-limit mentioned in the commercial documents relating to the on-line course or seminar concerned : the pre-registration is then automatically confirmed. After this time-limit without any payment, the pre-registration is automatically cancelled, the personal elearning space, login and password suppressed, all this, without any prior notice.

The training is provided according to its description with or without teaching assistance or else, in the framework of a mixed formula. The choice related to the ways the training shall occur shall be made before registration in the on-line form provided for that purpose.

Elearning without teaching assistance

The trainee attends the self-training session in his/her elearning space according to a time-table decided by him/her. This formula is particularly appropriate for general subject-matters, introductory courses etc (for example to discover a new legislation or acquire basic knowledge in a given matter)

Two formulas of teaching assistance are available : standard and personalized .

Standard teaching assistance

In the framework of standard teaching assistance, the instructors evolve according to the planning. They answer the trainees' questions with the internal email of the platform, help them at the beginning of the training session, check their progress (statistics of their on-line connections) and where applicable, send them an appropriate mail in the event of lack of application to study. They supervise practical exercises and case-studies whenever some are foreseen in the training.

Standard teaching assistance is included in the price of the training proposed in our list whenever it is foreseen.

Personalized teaching assistance

In addition to the services related to the standard formula, personalized teaching assistance allows a personalized follow-up of the trainees during the training session chosen in our list, additional practical exercises and case-studies directly related to the trainees' working environment as well as personalized advice. This form of teaching assistance gives rise to an estimate of costs.

The mixed formula

This formula couples on-line teaching assistance with physical meetings. It gives rise to an estimate of costs. It is also possible to request that the training session be completely delivered in the presence of the trainees with a cost estimate.


If you wish to have a pro-forma invoice before making the payment, it can be sent to you.

As soon as we receive the registration with its corresponding payment, we send you an invoice.

The certificates to be issued at the end of the training shall be sent, according to the information filled in the form on training choices, either to the trainee or to the service concerned.


Our prices are mentioned taxes excluded. Value added tax is therefore to be added to the price appearing on line whenever the trainee attends a training session in Cameroon territory.

In the event of plural registrations, a discount is applicable as follows :

- less 5% in the event of registration of three persons,
- less 15% in the event of registration of more than five persons.

In the event of plural registrations, a personal elearning space is of course made available to each trainee thus registred.

In the event of payment before the 15 days mandatory time-limit mentioned above, a cumulative reduction of 5% is applicable.

The price of any training which the trainee started attending but which was interrupted is totally due.


Payments may be made by certified cheques in favour of Cabinet Mandessi Bell PO Box 2884 Douala. Cameroon, or by bank transfer in an account then indicated, or through Paypal secured payment system or else trhough Western Union or Moneygram (For more information, click here).


Any cancellation of registration shall be made in writing and be sent on our on-line form, or by fax or postal mail. However, even in the event of force majeure, any cancellation received less than 8 clear days before the beginning of the training shall give rise to a penalty equal to 30% to be removed from the funds paid to be reimbursed, along with the charges relating to the return of the funds.


These General Sales Conditions and the contractual relations with our customers in the framework of the providing of elearning services shall be governed by Cameroonian law (the Civil Code).


Any dispute which may arise between the parties in the framework of the providing of elearning services shall first try to be settled amicably, on the initiative of the promptest party.

In the event of persisting disagreement between the parties, the dispute shall be settled by the competent courts in Douala, Cameroon which shall implement Cameroonian law.


These Sales Conditions may be modified from time to time. The Internaut is therefore invited to read them before ordering to make sure he/she is aware of the latest version.

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